Website, application and other product development by no means is limited to designing and programming. It's a responsible and cyclical process that begins with thorough research that essentially never changes. Since technologies are always changing, so are we. We intend for our solutions to be consistently improved with the newest available solutions.

Here you can get to know our work process - how our products are developed, step by step.



Before getting our hands dirty, so to speak, we thoroughly identify all of the objectives the project has to meet, the tools and innovations available on the market. That lets us jointly make a decision on how to build the best solution, as well as understand the scope of the project at hand.



When the idea has been crystallized, we move to detailed planning. We create the technical product design, build a concept of how it will work - looking at each element, up to the last detail. At the same time we analyze different technical options and alternatives on the market, as well as clarify project expenses and deadlines.



We create design that is attractive, modern and intuitive. We can create design to be reflective of your company's graphic style, freshen up an existing style, or create an entirely new visual identity - from creating a logo all the way to organizing a photo session.



Here we do the front-end and back-end development. We implement the necessary functionality as well as connect the project with the previously agreed-upon external systems. A more modern approach to programming lets anyone easily update and orient themselves in the system at any time down the road.


Test & Publication

During the testing process we try out the system's performance on protected servers, on different browsers and devices. We do the testing ourselves and also have the client test it on the devices available to them. We smooth out any wrinkles discovered along the way to make sure everything's working perfectly. When everything's ready and works like a charm, the product goes live, or rather is published. We'll help the client choose the best hosting providers, put the system on the servers and ensure that the chosen domain works. We'll take care of everything to get the new product launched.



We stand behind the quality of our solutions. We'll ensure maintenance of what we've built, answer your questions and react in a timely manner if something doesn't work. If necessary, we'll offer fixes, on the house, based on the signed contract. We can also take on the system's future development and technical evolution.



We actively follow the development of products and systems we've made, and how they live on online. Considering global tendencies and data collected from an array of tools (Google Analytics, heatmaps, etc.), we'll take the initiative and come to you with solutions for your product's future development.